Hunger Walk 2018

Be Concerned Hunger Walk Supporters

This year, Be Concerned's Hunger Walk fundraising goal is $25,000 to help the agency continue expanding its innovative food delivery programs. The agency needs a new delivery coordinator, and a box truck. We will use all donated funds from the Hunger Walk to support these needs. Below, you will find a detailed explanation of the need.

Be Concerned is asking you to donate to its team, and hopefully commit to raising $250 through your personal network to help it reach its goal! All donations are tax-deductible.

Even if you are out of town or unavailable on the day of the Hunger Walk, making a donation can help the agency meet its infrastructure needs, and further our innovation by continuing to expand our programs to meet the needs of our community. If we have 100 team supporters who raise $250 each, then we will meet our goal!

We can’t do it without you, and your network of friends who support you. We hope you accept this challenge to help us raise money for this great cause. Be Concerned has always existed as a privately-funded nonprofit in our community because of dedicated people in the community like you supporting its mission. Let's make it happen!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at 513-550-2639. The detailed explanation of the agency's need is here:

Be Concerned, Inc. is the largest and longest running free food pantry in Northern Kentucky. Founded in 1968 and located in Covington, its mission is to respect the humanity and dignity of all people while assisting its neighbors with the necessities of life. It services Boone, Campbell and Kenton Counties in Kentucky, and at-risk college students in Cincinnati’s Hamilton County. With only 3 full-time and 1 part-time staff member, it relies heavily on volunteer support to provide its services.

Currently, over 700 families visit the food pantry once a month and receive about 80 pounds of groceries at no cost, including canned goods, breads, pastas, frozen meats, bakery items, fresh fruits and vegetable, frozen meals, and eggs. The food pantry is privately funded, so it relies on donations and support from the community through individuals, families, corporations, schools, churches and more.

Over the past 3 years, Be Concerned has drastically expanded its food services to try to keep up with the ever-growing need in the community and address barriers like transportation, student hunger, and baby boomers becoming senior citizens. These program expansions include doubling the size of the food pantry and the amount of food pantry visitors receive (from 40 pounds in 2015 to 80+ pounds in 2018), and launching new initiatives in the Senior Food Delivery Project (delivers groceries to over 100 seniors each month located at 4 different senior-living facilities), College Student Supplemental Grocery Delivery (serves 30+ food insecure college students each month at Mount St. Joseph University), The Weekend Project (provides 800 weekend meals each month to food insecure elementary school students in Covington through), and the Disability/Homebound Grocery Delivery (delivers groceries to 15 homebound or disabled clients each month).

Not only have all of these programs been successful, but there has been continued demand from the community to expand them to serve even more people who may be falling through the cracks of food assistance.

These program expansions have been rewarding, but also taxing on the agency as it is running them with the same amount of staff and resources it had before the programs were started. The more the demand in the community, the more food Be Concerned needs to continue meeting the demand. As the amount of food the agency is gathering grows, and the amount of people served climbs, the agency needs a part-time delivery coordinator and a vehicle that can facilitate transporting more food at a time to the pantry, and more food out at a time through deliveries in order to serve more people. The more food the agency can put on a truck, the more people it can serve in its efforts to end local hunger and continue creating innovative programs.

At this time, Be Concerned’s current fleet of 2 vans, volunteers, and 3 full-time/1 part-time staff are at their capacity for picking up daily food loads and loading nearly 40 grocery baskets each trip for its deliveries. Since those vans are committed to picking up donations each weekday from local grocery stores, the agency is unable to expand any of its delivery programs or bulk food pickups until after 12:00PM, which has become a service barrier.
As the number of requests continue to increase, it is vital that Be Concerned acquire a box truck and new part-time delivery coordinator to handle the increased loads and demand for deliveries which the current vans and staff simply can’t handle. It has become clear that if the agency had a box truck and a delivery coordinator to help streamline its new services, then Be Concerned could serve more schools, more families, more seniors, and more homebound individuals by creating efficiencies which the agency can’t create now due to its current staff and vehicle situation.

So, to help the dedicated volunteers and employees who make these deliveries and pickups transporting thousands of pounds of food each week, as well as the people who receive the life-changing groceries, Be Concerned could really, really use a box truck and a delivery coordinator. That will take about $25,000, which is our team fundraising goal this year.

You can help make this possible by supporting us in this year’s Hunger Walk, and encouraging your friends, company, and family to make a donation to the Be Concerned hunger Walk team.

For more information, contact Andy Brunsman at

Be Concerned Hunger Walk Supporters Raised
Personal Gift Andrew Brunsman $720.00
Addyson Anderson $25.00
Personal Gift Andrew Anderson $50.00
Personal Gift Pauline Baumann $20.00
Personal Gift Carmen Blaj $20.00
Personal Gift Fosif Blaj $20.00
Personal Gift David Brun $225.00
Personal Gift Kyle Brunsman $20.00
Personal Gift Mike Brunsman $20.00
natalie brunsman $20.00
Ruthie Brunsman $20.00
Personal Gift Zenaida Caussade $20.00
Personal Gift Hassert/ Dias $250.00
Personal Gift Judi Dooley $25.00
Personal Gift Mike Downing $1,025.00
Personal Gift Eric Ernest $20.00
Annie Fisk $25.00
Personal Gift Marc Gloyeske $50.00
Personal Gift Gary Gottbrath $20.00
Personal Gift Paul Gottbrath $70.00
Personal Gift Vincent Gottbrath $20.00
Personal Gift Crystal Harden $20.00
Personal Gift Nancy Hiltibrand $210.00
Personal Gift Scott Hiltibrand $25.00
Personal Gift Josh Hughes $150.00
Personal Gift Angela Johnson $20.00
Personal Gift Cathy Koop $255.00
Personal Gift Brian Lawrence $45.00
Personal Gift Mike Lenihan $1,225.00
Personal Gift Bryan McKiddy $20.00
Personal Gift Kathy Mueller $20.00
Personal Gift Leisa Mulcahy $150.00
Beth Sprague $20.00
Personal Gift Matt Sprague $20.00
Personal Gift Terra Thompson $150.00
Personal Gift Jenny Tompkins $20.00
Personal Gift Pat Weber $20.00
Personal Gift Virginia Wessner $20.00
Team Gifts $7,680.80
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