Hunger Walk 2018

Plum Creek Sharing Center

Plum Creek will once again participate in the Cincinnati Hunger Walk/5K run on Memorial Day.  Did you know 1 in 6 people in our community are food insecure? That means 281,000 individuals do not know where their next meal is coming from.  Join us as we fight hunger in our own neighborhoods.  All registration fees and donations will come back 100% to the Plum Creek Sharing Center to feed those in our area who need a little help.  Donations are tax-deductible.

We want to get a group picture this year with as many participants as possible.  We will be meeting in front of the Underground Railroad Building on East Freedom Way just across the street from the field where you register/pick up your bibs.  Be there by 8:40am in order to be part of the photo.  This will give our runners enough time to be part of the picture and then take their place for the start of the race.

Plum Creek Sharing Center Raised
Personal Gift Shelley Hall $25.00
Personal Gift Kim Adams $50.00
Personal Gift Jon Anderson $20.00
Laura Anderson $20.00
Samantha Anderson $20.00
Sara Anderson $20.00
Personal Gift cheryl bell $225.00
Patrick Bell $25.00
Terence Bell $25.00
Personal Gift Becky Cline $45.00
Jonathan Farmer $20.00
Personal Gift Heidi Foley $20.00
Personal Gift Katie Funk $25.00
Michael Hall $25.00
Personal Gift Heather Harris $20.00
Personal Gift Olivia Harris $20.00
Doug Hartley $20.00
Personal Gift Hohna Hartley $20.00
Luke Hartley $20.00
Personal Gift Phyllis Kelsch $25.00
Personal Gift Dana Maclean $50.00
Dan McCain $20.00
Personal Gift Kristin McCain $20.00
Jenna O'Hara $25.00
Angie Perkins $20.00
Brennan Perkins $20.00
Easton Perkins $20.00
Personal Gift Jared Perkins $20.00
Reagan Perkins $20.00
Personal Gift Dale & Peggy Prebble Prebble $20.00
Peggy Prebble $20.00
Jaclyn Rawe $25.00
Personal Gift Scot Rawe $25.00
Abigail Toon $25.00
Gail Toon $25.00
Personal Gift Hannah Toon $25.00
Tom Toon $25.00
Team Gifts $150.00
Denotes a Team Captain