Hunger Walk 2018

Community Matters - Feelin' the Burns

Join team Feelin' the Burns this Memorial Day as we participate in the Freestore Foodbank Hunger Walk and 5K Run to benefit the Community Market pantry at Community Matters.

The Community Market is the only place in Lower Price Hill where residents can attain healthy food for their families. In Lower Price Hill, we do not have a grocery store in our neighborhood or restaurants that serve nutritious meals. As a result, LPH is defined as a “food desert.” The Community Market is a choice pantry that enables our neighbors to access free food to create healthy meals for their families. The Market also offers critical hygiene products and household items, which are not otherwise covered by food assistance benefits.

In 2017, Community Matters was able to provide emergency food assistance to more than 350 families in Lower Price Hill through the Community Market.

Please join us by registering to walk with our team or supporting our efforts with a tax-deductible donation.

Community Matters - Feelin' the Burns Raised
Personal Gift Patty Lee $120.00
Personal Gift Meredith Baker $20.00
Amy Bernard $20.00
Personal Gift Brian Borcherding $20.00
Personal Gift Cory Bultema $20.00
Personal Gift Jeff Dey $125.00
Personal Gift Bob Heitker $185.00
Personal Gift Jenna Hippensteel $20.00
Personal Gift Lauren Jones $25.00
Personal Gift Madeline LaPlante $45.00
Personal Gift Nikki Marksberry $20.00
Personal Gift Nicole Ollier $20.00
Grady Priestle $45.00
Hank Priestle $20.00
Michelle Priestle $20.00
Personal Gift Ralph Priestle $20.00
Personal Gift Sarah Priestle $25.00
Personal Gift Scott Priestle $375.00
Personal Gift Annette Ready $20.00
Personal Gift Jessica Wright $25.00
Team Gifts $45.00
Denotes a Team Captain