Samuel's Hunger Walk Page

Hunger Walk & 5K Run - Freestore Foodbank

This year I have decided to take a stand against hunger in our community. On Memorial Day, I will be participating in the Virtual Hunger Walk and 5K Run to benefit CAIN - an organization in Northside. For the past eight years, I have volunteered at CAIN in Northside, and have served on the board for the past four.

CAIN is a grassroots, nutrition-based, choice food pantry that treats its guests as equals - each week, CAIN provides a free weekly community meal for anyone and everyone - thousands are served each year, and come together over a fresh nutritious meal.

CAIN operates its pantry three times a week, with an emphasis on healthy fresh produce - and there are always samples of fresh fruits and vegetables for guests to try! Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a 40% increase in the number of individuals who need our services - many of whom have never visited a food pantry before. Food insecurity can be frightening, and CAIN is committed to helping *anyone* who arrives at their doors.


CAIN is a very special place, that is very close to my heart - and this fundraiser goes directly towards food assistance. Every dollar goes directly towards purchasing fresh healthy food to share with our neighbours. So whether you live in Cincinnati, or far away - I'd love for you to celebrate CAIN with me. It will make a difference.