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Hunger Walk & 5K Run 28 May,2018 - Freestore Foodbank

Did you know 1 in 6 people in our community are food insecure? That means almost 300,000 individuals do not know where their next meal is coming from.

As the Pastor of Liberty Chapel Scrubb Ridge United Methodist Church in Blue Creek Ohio we decided to start a food pantry as a mission opportunity for everyone in Adams County, Ohio. We looked at our community and found that there was a need to help those families that are struggling every month trying to feed their family so we decided to open a food pantry. To operate a Food Pantry comes with substantial cost. We have set a GOAL to raise $2500.  It is with the support of the Free Store Food Bank and Friends like you that help us financially to fullfill our mission of helping to feed those in need in our community. 
I have decided to take a stand against hunger in our community. On Memorial Day, I will be participating in the Hunger Walk and 5K Run to benefit the Freestore Foodbank's network of partner agencies just like my church to raise the neccessary support to fullfill our mission.
Please join me Pastor Chuck Reeves in being a champion in this fight by participating with me or supporting my efforts with a tax-deductible donation as we strive to reach our GOAL of raising $2500. 

Log in to  Then hit donate, scroll down and click on Liberty Chapel Scrubb Ridge UMC. From there pick your tax deductible donation.

I would like to personally thank you for helping me and the members of Liberty Chapel Scrubb Ridge UMC to fullfill goal.


Chuck Reeves