Let's Make 2017 The Best Year For Northside Residents In Poverty

CAIN-Churches Active in Northside

One out of every 4-5 people in Northside lives in poverty. With your Hunger Walk donation, we can help more families in the coming year. 35% of the people CAIN serves are children under the age of 12. A donation of just $20 buys 100 pounds of food which equals 156 meals. My goal is to raise at least $200.

100% of every dollar raised on behalf of CAIN, through the Freestore Foodbank’s 'Hunger Walk & 5K Run,' will be used to purchase food and personal hygiene products through the Freestore Foodbank to assist Northside neighbors who need help.

Please donate now to help families in need of life's basic necessities. The summer is always tough when the need is up and donations are down. Your donation will help feed families all summer long!